This is a list of our likes/hates/hopes/dreams (based on Lipton’s famous Inside the Actor’s Studio questions):

Words We Like

conflagration, crystalline, definitely, dolphin, food, green, legit, leviathan, literally, listztomania, lols, love, meh, princess, pulchritude, riveting, scrumtrulescent, self-actualization, sustainability, truthiness, quantum,

Words We Don’t Like

chin, divorce, dookie, leech, legs, like (when used incorrectly), moist, phlegmatic, pressure, question, ran, skank, shingles, squirt, terse, trouser, vomit, terse, test,

Things We Like

inappropriate humor; nerts; beach days; space; physics; hiking, kayaking, beach activities, anything outdoors; technology; friendliness; being with my boyfriend; projects; new perspectives; ice-cream and interesting lab projects; disney world; languages; challenges; excitement, energy; science and science history; biology and pride and prejudice;

Things We Don’t Like

people who take themselves too seriously; bugs/insects; people talking on the radio; uneducated religious beliefs; reading/writing/spelling; rude, petty behavior; bad teachers; awkwardness; bad attitudes; exams; closed minds; cold rain; public spitting; history; rambling; white walls; back-stabbing friends; rap/hip hop music;

Sounds We Love

baby’s laughter; the wind; rain; distant train horn; base; the sound of ocean waves crashing; group cheering; running water; piano; genuine laughter; choir melody; birds; pew-pew (onomatopoeia – laser sound); a well-played piano; heavy rain or the sound of a text message; when i volunteer with kittens and i open up a can of wet food. little mews.

Sounds We Hate

scratching a record; scary sound effects in movies; people chewing/smacking; non-glossy book pages brushing against each other; high pitched sounds; screeching across a rough surface, like a chalkboard; blackboard scratching; sirens; barking; screeching; gun shots; car noise; yelling;loud bubble gum chewing (or any other mouth noises); nails on glass/chalkboard; silverware on plates; that scratching of nails on a holographic thing; anything high pitched and squeaky;

Words We Curse
(or curse words we like)

asshole, crap, damn, dang it, darn it, fuck, god damnit, holy flufferneutter, shit, ass-hat, shiitake mushrooms, holy cripes, dammit

Curious about the NEUROSCIENCE behind the language of swearing? Check out Steven Pinker’s take on the matter:

Dreamy Jobs We’d Like to Try

pop star; singer/songwriter; traveling photographer; duke chapel organist; astronaut; marine biologist or artist; engineer; host on Top Gear; singer; artist; abstract painter; space explorer; disney tour guide; music therapist; video game programmer; wildlife show host like steve irwin; criminal lawyer; college professor

Not So Dreamy Jobs We Hope to Avoid

trash collector; coroner; middle school teacher; pastor/priest/preacher; sewer maintenance; garbage person; janitor; teaching; sewage cleaner; history teacher; salesperson; forest ranger; acting; septic tank cleaner; nanny; doctor or janitor; pediatric oncologist;

If Heaven Exists, Here’s What We’d Like to Hear When We Arrive…

you did good, kid! that I can come in! com on in! you have been selected to participate in a council that governs the universe and beyond. (chuckles) oh shit. come on in… you shall not pass! (kidding) well it’s about time! thank you for living your life for me, i love you. well done. you have done well. you’ve achieved yourself as a person! welcome! thalita-my little girl! welcome home. well that was interesting. the life you’ve lived has made me proud and has honored me in everything that you did or said. how the hell did you get up here?